Ecotox Services Australia can offer the following Estuarine and Marine Toxicity Tests:

  • Microtox

Microtox® acute toxicity test

  • Microalgae

72-hr growth inhibition using Nitzschia closterium

72-hr growth using Isochrysis aff. galbana 

  • Microalgae

72-hr germination success using Hormosira banksii 

72-hr germination success using Ecklonia radiata

14-day growth using Hormosira banksii 

14-day growth using Ecklonia radiata 

  • Bivalve

48-hr larval development using Sydney rock oyster or Pacific Oyster *

48-hr larval development using Doughboy scallop *

72-hr larval development using Mussel *

  • Sea Urchin

1-hr sea urchin fertilisation success *

72-hr sea urchin larval development *

  • Crustacean

Tiger prawn acute toxicity

96hr acute amphipod survival using Melita plumulosa 

96hr acute amphipod survival using Allorchestes compressa 

  • Fish

96-hr fish imbalance (species depending on availability

7-day fish imbalance and growth (species depending on availability)

* NATA accredited test