Dedicated testing facility

Specialists in Direct toxicity assessments (DTA)

Direct Toxicity Assessments (DTA) involve using toxicity tests to determine acute and/or chronic toxicity. The specialised nature of these bioassays (toxicity tests) requires specific expertise. DTA can be conducted on water, whole sediments or aqueous extracts from sediments. Wastewater and sediment samples destined for DTA often need to be collected by non-specialists, therefore we assist with the sample collection requirements for direct toxicity assessments (DTA) in the following ways:

  • Provision of Sampling Kit, including sample bottles, sample labels, chain-of-custody forms, eskys and ice-bricks
  • Advice on the volume of wastewater, diluent or sediment required for testing
  • Instructions on field storage requirements and sample security
  • Information on sample holding times.

Once the sample is received by the lab, the progress is communicated by:

  • Sample Receipt Advice (SRAs) issued by email
  • Telephone updates of test progress and results, as required
  • Reporting of test results by e-mail (bound Test Reports available on request)

As a dedicated toxicity testing laboratory we can offer:

  • Test end-points calculated to suit specific regulatory authority requirements
  • In-house culturing of routine test organisms
  • Network of suppliers throughout Australia to provide additional test species.
Direct Toxicity Assessment

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