Ecotox Services Australia

Our specialist capabilities

Our areas of specialisation includes the ecotoxicity assessment of:

  • Municipal & Desalination- Sewage treatment plants, reverse osmosis plant brines and product waters, effluents, discharges and process chemicals.
  • Oil&Gas Industry- Produced formation waters, oils and condensates, dispersants, drilling muds, hydraulic fluids, process chemicals, coal seam gas wastewater
  • Mining- tailings discharges, contaminated ground-waters, process chemicals, leachates, flocculants, ore concentrates.
  • Industrial- Pulp&Paper mill discharges, smelter operation, electroplating, manufacturing waste waters and historical land and groundwater contamination assessment.
  • Chemical- product and formulation registration, civil engineering, NICNAS, APVMA and AMSA registration
  • Sediments and Terrestrial- Dredge spoil assessment, contaminated soils and sediments, contaminated groundwaters and plumes
  • Toxicity Identification and Evaluation (TIE)- using freshwater and marine organisms

Ecotox Services Australia (ESA)

The independent, NATA endorsed toxicity testing laboratory

Do you need expert toxicity test services from a lab who uses only the best available science and scientists who deliver exceptional value? Our team of experts are ready to help you.