Unrivalled experience and expertise. Our test organisms include marine, estuarine and freshwater, tropical and temperate invertebrate species. ESA has run over 8000 full ecotoxicity tests since 2001, with over half of these being for waste water treatment plants. Staff of our laboratory have been responsible for developing many of the toxicity tests using Australasian species that are in routine use today, including the Milky and Rock Oyster larval development tests, the sea urchin fertilisation and larval development tests, the juvenile prawn and marine copepod acute toxicity test, Rainbowfish embryo development test and the Ceriodaphnia dubia acute and chronic toxicity tests.

ESA is owned and directed by Dr Rick Krassoi. Rick has presented numerous papers in Ecotoxicology using Australasian species, and is one of the most experienced ecotoxicologists working with marine WET testing and Toxicity Identification Evaluation studies in the Australasian region.

Ecotox Services Australia (ESA)

The independent, NATA endorsed toxicity testing laboratory

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